Celebrating 4 Cylinders with the Fourtillfour Car Show


While the 4 is bad luck in some cultures, we embrace it. Not only do we appreciate the 4’s visual beauty, we celebrate the car community that it represents – specifically vintage vehicles with four cylinders. Small, stylish, slow, and very unique, these four cylinder cars have a vibrant and unique community surrounding them, filled with stories and passion for these little machines.

This is why we decided to host the Fourtillfour Car Show on January 29, 2022, with these four cylinder vehicles on the center stage. This laid back show brought out over three hundred vehicles and vintage four cylinder classics. People came from all over the country to join in the party and hang out with other enthusiasts. The celebration overflowed into the streets, and the energy was contagious as people sipped Four Coffee and enjoyed the cars, live music, and food. It was a day for the books, and we’re already looking forward to next year.


The Fourtillfour Car Show celebrating 4 Cylinders

Aerial view of the Fourtillfour Car Show 2022

Fourtillfour Car Show celebrating 4 Cylinders

Fourtillfour Car Show 2022. Over 300 cars came out to celebrate 4 Cylinder vehicles

Fourtillfour Car Show in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fourtillfour Car Show 2022

Fourtillfour Car Show 2022

Fourtillfour Car Show 2022

Fourtillfour Car Show

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