Fourtillfour x Luftgekühlt

We brought Four Coffee from one desert to another for Luftgekühlt's 6th gathering of air-cooled Porsches

With short notice we accepted the opportunity to do a Fourtillfour build out at Luftgekühlt 6 this year. Our goal was to help elevate the event's coffee experience and bring Porsches + Coffee in the quintessential Four style—rugged and refined – to the Universal Studios Back Lot. We were able to build out the Fourtillfour vibe in the Mexico Street desert, with a full pour over coffee bar and retail walk-up that felt like home amongst a variety of off-roading rally Porsches.

This just might be the start of something a little bit more permanent for us in California.

We couldn’t have done it without the hard work of the Four team and Luft team who put in long hours to make this event happen. We had 10 people working together like a well oiled machine – activating the rally zone on Mexico Street while serving thousands of people coffee.

Time to take care of the final preparations for the Peking to Paris Rally. This week we head out to China, and pull up to the starting line June 2nd. You can follow the Peking to Paris journey on this blog, or by subscribing to our newsletter.

In case you missed it, Mexico Street was going off! Check out some of our favorite shots below & tag us in your photos – we'd love to see how the event looked through your lens

shot by @hoodpapi


shot by @mdrnclssc

Four Coffee at Luftgekuhlt 6
Rally_Zone_Luftgekuhlt 6 Fourtillfour
Four Coffee at Luftgekuhlt 6
Fourtillfour in Mexico

shot by @6footphoto 

Four Coffee at Luftgekuhlt 6
Fourtillfour at Luftgekuhlt 6
Fourtillfour in Mexico for Luftgekuhlt 6
Fourtillfour at Luftgekuhlt 6

Cover photo by @benbertucci

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